Public Sector Networking – LLU Vs Fibre Circuits

With all the talk about Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) offering faster broadband speeds, and the promise of ‘nationwide’ fibre to the premises (FTTP/FTTH) – is this really the last hurrah for copper? Of course not. If FTTP was viable everywhere it would have been implemented long before now. The reality is that using EFM (Ethernet First Mile) technology with local loop unbundling many premises, such as schools, can already achieve up to the 40Mb/s promised by FTTC, at considerable cost savings. The graphic below details the bandwidths you can expect from EFM with local loop unbundling, depending on how far away the site is from the exchange, with an idea of the cost savings involved.

LLU Vs Fibre Circuits Infographic