E-Reader vs. Print Books

In the graphic, titled “Book Buzz”, you’ll find information about e-reader market share, sales figures, but more interestingly, how e-readers stack up to print books. For instance, and a little surprising, only 15% of e-reader owners actually stop purchasing print books.

Image Credit: RetailMeNot


How to Insulate Your Home

In a house where there is not sufficient insulation 30% of the energy generated can be lost through walls, roof, floor, pipes, windows and air leakages. To prevent this loss adequate insulation should be applied where necessary. Via: Hillarys Blinds UK

Home Infographic

Electric Motor and Generator Manufacturing in The United States

Take a peek into the business workings of the Motor and Generator Manufacturing Industry of The United States. The infographic below gives you an overview on several areas of the industry, including market size, market forecast, geographic distribution, product mix, income statement, and compensation and salary surveys.