The Social Neighbors

An ongoing discussion at Column Five HQ is ”What if social media manifested itself in real life?” It’s a question that addresses much of our personal and professional lives and can be characterized as constant noise, new trends, and the occasionally  absurd, among other things. Via: Column Five


Football In A Social, Local and Mobile World

Every time a major football event comes around it sets new records in mobile and social media usage. Fans worldwide ensure an even greater sense of camaraderie and shared excitement for every match. This infographic done with Football Meister, looks at when football meets the world of SoLoMo, the world literally lights up.

What Jobs Do Characters Played By Emmy-Nominated Actors Hold Down?

Whether they portray bigwig executives in corner offices or stay-at-home parents, this year’s Emmy nominees are employed in a wide range of professions in their fictional worlds. This infographic done in collaboration with the Emmys, tallies which occupations are the most popular.