The Womens Guide to Six Nations

Rugby traditionally has been seen as a ‘thug’s game played by gentlemen’, and the fact that the ball is rarely seen during the game, which often looks more like mud wrestling, means that it doesn’t make much sense to us women. So, apart from helping you to look ‘scrum-my’ all year round with some great fashion pieces from Yumi and Ted Baker, wants to help you survive the 6 Nations Championship.

Don’t be frustrated if your man is less interested in tackling you than watching 30 strapping men move their muscle around the pitch (hang on, this might be worth watching after all…) Rather than kick off at him for his lack of care and attention, why not take this as an opportunity to get your own game on with a bit of online retail therapy? But before you get clicking, get ready to surprise him with some Rugby facts (with a uniquely feminine twist) using the infographic below. Man sweat not included, fortunately.



Extreme Makeover — Home Addition

Summer is prime time for home renovation projects but these days, with budgets stretched thin and home values in the tank, most home owners are more cautious than ever with their spending. Rightfully so, in most cases: home additions and renovations are hardly an “investment” that will add more value to your house than you spend on the project itself. You can see for yourself in Columnfivemedia  latest infographic done with Credit Sesame.


Extreme Makeover — Home Addition




Superstitions From Around the World

For most, Halloween is a day to dress up in a Halloween costume and take the kids trick-or-treating. But in may cultures around the world, ghostly superstitions are taken seriously enough to affect the way homes are built. This infographic done with Credit Sesame by Columnfivemedia , looks at 11 of those beliefs.


Superstitions From Around the World

7 Signs Your Rockstar Employee Is Looking For A New Job

You’ve spent time and money to hire the right employees for your business, so keeping them satisfied and engaged is priority numero uno. Columnfivemedia created this infographic with Mindflash to look at how losing and replacing even one employee can cost you and your business significant money and time. So let these signs motivate you to talk with your employees and figure out how to keep them satisfied and engaged.


7 Signs Your Rockstar Employee Is Looking For A New Job