Back To School Waste

As summer winds down and young people make their way back into the classroom, consumers are flooding stores to fill their carts with new school clothes, notebooks, pencils and other essentials. But do they think of its negative impact on the environment? This infographic done by Columnfivemedia with Ethical Ocean, looks to visualize those negative impacts.


Back To School Waste


The Rise Of Consumer Confidence

According to the Conference Board, the Consumer Confidence Index climbed to 70.4 in February of this year, hitting its highest level since February 2008. Americans seem to be getting their spending swagger back, and this infographic done by Columnfivemedia with Milo, looks at how that is good news for both American retailers and the worldwide economy.


The Rise Of Consumer Confidence

The Virtual Buying Boom

Social games on Facebook, on other social networks, and in mobile apps are changing the image of the gamer in America. The rise of these social games has given way to a boom of buying in-game virtual goods. This infographic done with BuySellAds by Columnfivemedia, takes a look at how we’re spending and what it means for marketers.




The Virtual Buying Boom