How Much Money Does The Gov’t Make On Alcohol

It’s no secret that the United States Government places a hefty “vice” tax on various items we American’s love to enjoy on a regular basis. This infographic for Turbo Tax  by Columnfivemedia looks specifically at alcohol and it provides a comprehensive look at the money our Government makes from the beloved liquid.




How Much Money Does The Gov’t Make On Alcohol


How To Detect Counterfeit Money

With technology advancing so fast, criminals are finding new ways to counterfeit money, reproducing the features that distinguish real currency from fake. How do you detect counterfeit money? This infographic, done by Columnfivemedia with Credit Sesame, shows the key security features used on real dollar bills, as well as some basic ways to examine your money.


How To Detect Counterfeit Money

Hotmail’s Graymail: Their Plan of Attack

Turns out true spam is not the only bothersome occupant of inboxes everywhere. Hotmail just identified another culprit: spam’s cousin, graymail. Litmus shows in this infographic that Hotmail has developed a plan to rid users everywhere of newsletters, offers and notifications they legitimately receive — but no longer want — by taking aim at graymail. Take a look at Hotmail’s plan to clean up these messages and organize communications users care about.

Via:- Columnfivemedia



Hotmail’s Graymail: Their Plan of Attack