How To Spot a Tumblr User

With over 42.9 million blogs reflagging animated gifs and Ryan Gosling memes, this community of blogging fanatics has developed a unique language and quirks that set it apart from the rest of the Internet. Use this guide created by Columnfivemedia with Flowtown to recognize those Tumblr users.


How To Spot a Tumblr User


Metallica — 20 Facts in 30 Years

Flashback of October 1981: Drummer Lars Ulrich made guitar player/singer james Hetfield an offer he couldn’t refuse and heavy metal history was made. In honor of Metallica’s 30th anniversary, Sonos pulled together 20 fun facts from the band’s three decade history. What Metallica memory stands out most for you?

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Metallica — 20 Facts in 30 Years

How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

In the age of Facebook and cloud computing, listening to customers is more important than ever. It sounds simple enough, but there are tweets, online comments, and various other channels of digital communication to pay attention to. This infographic done by Columnfivemedia  in collaboration with Get Satisfactionexplores how organizations have implemented listening and digital engagement to reap the benefits of web 2.0.


How Brands Listen in the Digital Age