What Are The Hardest Businesses To Own?

Though small businesses comprise almost 98% of businesses in the U.S., they are also some of the most difficult to maintain. But are some harder to run than others? In this infographic done by Columnfivemedia with Intuit, we examine which businesses have it the toughest.

What Are The Hardest Businesses To Own?


The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

With one in three small businesses using social media, its no longer enough to just have a website, small businesses must have a social media presence, too. Don’t know where to start? This cheat sheet done by Columnfivemedia  in collaboration withFlowtown will help you navigate the major social media sites on the web.


The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Gadgets Galore

For the 2011 holiday season, Columnfivemedia created this infographic with Milo to visualize how the Apple iPad is once again the most desired consumer electronic among kids 6 to 12 and, for the first time, among Americans above the age of 13. A number of other Apple products are also on the list this season, and demand for other non-iPad tablet computers is on the rise as well.




Gadgets Galore

2011 Small Business Holiday Season Wrap-Up

As we settle into the new year, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on how small business fared during the holidays, the biggest holiday sales season of the year for many. In this infographic done with Intuit, summarizes year-over-year changes in holiday sales overall, by geography, and by industry.



2011 Small Business Holiday Season Wrap-Up